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Park City Passport LC

When I started Park City Passport I saw it as an opportunity to meet new people, do some networking and provide a service that needed a facelift in Park City. Today, I along with my family have been able to grow into one of the largest private transportation companies in Utah. However, even with the massive growth we've experienced we still take time to know our guests and their families and make them a part of our family.

John J Zenes - Founder

We make sure that your every trip is comfortable

Park City Passport LC

Our family run business was started several years ago. The mission then, and today, is to provide a great service at a cost that anyone can afford. We want to put the ease of mountain driving (especially in the Winter) in the hands of our professional TEAM for our new friends/guests (YOU). When we travel, we look forward to having our trip run safe and smoothly. So we make sure all the details are simplified when traveling with us, just as if it was our family that was traveling with Park City Passport.